Friday, June 15, 2007

In The Beginning

I began this journey several years ago. My family goes on vacation to California every summer. A few years ago we camped for a week in OC. My wife and I lived there for a few years and decided to go a little early to have a little fun with the kids before we hooked up with the rest of the family. We arrived on Friday and went to church like a good Mormon family would while on vacation. We soon heard that the Newport Beach Temple open house was currently "open".

We visited the open house and enjoyed it immensely. I was impressed by the temple and thought that the architecture was very nice. While riding the bus from the temple back to the parking lot, I noticed a protester holding a sign. The sign read "". I paid no attention to it, but the damn website was so easy to remember that I decided to check it out weeks later. I can't remember exactly what happened next, but I do remember noticing something about there being three versions of the First Vision.

Having been born and raised in a very Mormon family, I had never heard about there being more than one version of the "single most important event since the first coming". It intrigued me. I decided to do find the three versions to see if there was more I needed to know about it. Possibly there was more details I could learn that would strengthen my testimony. Instead of adding to my testimony, all it provided was questions. The main question I had was "Why are the three versions so different, even contradictory?"

I didn't delve into it then. I left it in the back of my mind and decided to ponder on it. Since that time, the summer of 2005 I believe, I have slowly discovered more and more information about the history of the church that continues to bother me, confuse me, irritate me, enrage me, and ultimately distance me from my former beliefs.

The journey has been long, but I'm now trying to come to grips with it and work through it with more than just myself as the guide. I've already began listing some of my favorite blogs to my "Like-minded Folks" side-bar.

I appreciate all of the bloggers out there that have provided me with a lot of understanding and enlightenment. I hope that I can add something to the fray as I continue my journey. Hopefully, with everyone's help, the destination will be clarified as I currently have no idea where I'm heading.


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