Saturday, June 16, 2007

Trials and Tribulations

Let me pose a simple question... is it true that those who disassociate themselves from the church will automatically be cursed with trials and tribulations?

If this is true, then the sentiment that you will have trials if you are not paying your tithing or dutifully attending all the endless meetings would plague every TBM that decideds to take a break. Is this true? Does it happen to everyone? Am I different?

Maybe He thought it wasn't worth it to bother me with such trials. Maybe I have stored up mountains of treasure in heaven that I'm running on credit. Maybe He's waiting for the perfect chance to "really teach me a lesson." I guess we'll just have to wait and see...

Anabus wrote about a recent experience with an appendix operation and his wifes lost purse and it got me thinking... should I be preparing my family for the imminent doom that looms around the corner? Could whatever happens to me effect my family? Should I move out and keep the rumble to myself where they won't be hurt? Maybe I'm just paranoid, but I don't want my family to suffer for my sins. Anabus came out of it alright, so maybe so will I.

Everyone has free will, correct? Yet, believers tend to think that God has a hand in everything that happens to them. Why does God let bad things happen? Free will of course. But if good things happen then it was God. That doesn't make any sense to me. Either His hand is into everything, some things, or nothing, but it makes no sense to me that we have free will until God decides to intervene.

Prayer drips in the same bucket. I was taught in the normal Mormon prayer template. Intro... We thank thee... We ask thee... Outro. I understand the need to be appreciative. That part of the prayer makes a lot of sense to me. Asking for such things as "Bless us that we may arrive safely at our destination..." makes no sense. It make sense to ask for such things if we knew that God would stop all of those crazy drivers from slamming into us at every corner, but free will steps on the toes of such ideas.

In my opinion, either we have free will or its all in Gods hands... I think that we are all responsible for our own destinies, but everyone else has a say in it. Everything any of us does can effect someone else, and we have to understand that so that we can live our lives in such a way that will better ourselves and those around us. I never really thought about the golden rule until recently, but I think that one simple phrase can have more influence on every humans life if everyone where to act according to that one dictate rather than the 10 commandments, the word of wisdom, or anything else contained in the thousands of pages of scriptures in all their forms.

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