Monday, July 16, 2007

Reasons Behind My Disaffection From The LDS Church : Introduction

I have decided to put a formal format into the main reasons I have decided to disaffect myself from the LDS church. As I write each section I will post it here for public comment. Some of the information is personal, but I hope to get technical help on some areas so that I might make the point without too much fluff.

Also, for reasons of this post, I was wondering if any of you have done similar things, or is your Blog or private journal where you record these things?



markii said...

just put it out there, man. i would recommend staying anonymous, and not using any names. switch up the names of cities/hometowns, etc. that way you won't be held back by worrying about people finding u out- you can just let it flow. you'll end up telling every1 one day but that may be a year, two years, ten even who knows. i look forward to seeing ur posts...

paranoidfr33k said...


Thanks for the advice. I'm going to write as anonymously as I can, but try to keep the essence of the story to its fullest. This is very personal to me, as I'm sure you can attest, so I want it to be as real as possible.

I hope to get your comments as I go along. I hope I can get some help in explaining things better as I'm not the best writer and I tend to rattle on for a while without much point attached.

Anyway, thanks for the comment. I've seen and read through your blog for some time and you, and others, have helped me gain the courage I needed to move along with this journey. Thank you for being there and documenting your story.


JulieAnn Henneman said...

I actually wrote out a whole religious autobiography and read it to a group of, like 40 people. It was very cathartic. Good luck and we're listening.


Sister Mary Lisa said...

I blogged about it in my blog openly, without using names. It IS cathartic. It helped me to come to terms with what I was experiencing, especially since my husband is not a member so had no clue what it feels like to leave the church.