Sunday, August 19, 2007

The Doctrine of Polygamy

What do you think a TBM Mormon would say if you asked them if they beleive in polygamy? They'll give you the standard "we don't practice polygamy any more" answer and leave it at that. The fact is that in order to be a TBM Mormon, you must beleive in it. You must beleive that polygamy is divine doctrine and that we will all be blessed with the opportunity to practice it one day when the world is no longer so wicked that they won't allow it to happen. We would all be so enlighten at this very moment if the United States of America didn't outlaw polygamy in order to get those crazy Mormons to stop their barbaric practice.

As a missionary, I was asked that very question many times. I now understand how wrong my answers were then. I now understand that the "standard" answer is paramount to lying. If I were truthful, I would have explained how Joseph Smith, the greatest man to live on this earth, behind Jesus Christ of course, introduced polygamy in 1831, by divine revelation from God, and I "knew" that he was a prophet and that polygamy was a true doctrine. Then the saints were driven westward and ended up having to abandon the practice due to pressure from the United States in order for Utah to become a state. In fact, it took two different revelations, read Manifesto's, in 1890 and 1904, in order to get the point across that the church no longer condoned polygamy.

These revelations were not intended on ending the "belief" or "doctrine" of polygamy, they intended to convince outsiders that the Church no longer "practiced" it.

How many investigators would I have gotten if I had provided an accurate answer?


JulieAnn Henneman said...

Actually, many will tell you that 'some people' will practice polygamy in the next life, but not everyone will do it. Huh.
The bottom line for me is, what sort of God would even institutionalize something like that? What kind of God would condone the practice at all and then make the 'mistake' of revealing it too soon? What a crock.

paranoidfr33k said...

Yes. Its very troublesome to think about a God who would condone polygamy. I'm still not convinced that God is who most people say he/she/it is. If there is one at all.

Most TBM's, if you ask them point blank, will probably say something to the effect that they personally don't understand polygamy, don't like it. Probably because they aren't required to live it they don't worry about it. I wonder how many would continue to live in the church if they were asked to live it?