Friday, October 3, 2008

Religion and Cars

I'm starting to see religion, or specific denominations, like most people choose which automobile they want to purchase.

I have two small children. They will sometimes start a fight over which color is the best. One may say, "My favorite color is pink" and the other may say "My favorite is red". I will explain that what one person may think is the best may not necessarily be the best for someone else. It only means that one prefers pink over any other color. Its a personal preference. Its their opinion.

Choosing one church over another seems to me like choosing a new car. Does a Ford run better than a Chevy? Maybe. Does it matter? Not really.

I know that religious people are very particular about their choice. They feel very strongly that their religion is the right one. They even feel that theirs is the only religion that matters. If someone doesn't choose the same religion then they are damned and going to hell.

I wish that people would realize that their choice in religion amounts to their opinion and if others have a differing opinion, that doesn't make one right and one wrong. We should be able to have a discussion about what their religion does for them that they perceive to be helpful or beneficial, but that doesn't matter that one is right and one is wrong.

Oh, and why can't both be wrong?

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